Our Cornerstones

Our Cornerstones

Planning & Projection
From the word GO, STRIDE creates a masterplan that covers all the aspects of construction from Design to Project Initiation, Scheduling, all the way up to Completion. In this process, understanding our client’s requirements takes precedence over all else.

Ours is a result-oriented approach, where we meticulously plan and schedule tasks to ensure that completion is arrived at in a systematic and efficient manner.  We work closely with clients to filter their objectives as we advise them on the approach of cost management, design management and stakeholder management.

Quality, Cost & Time Management
We take ownership and personal pride in every one of the projects that we are associated with. Hence, ensuring quality, monitoring costs and adhering to timelines are extremely critical considerations in all our activities.

It is with a keen sense of responsibility that we practice the old adage – Time is Money. Optimising resources and maximising results sets us apart as Engineering Consultants who strive to consistently raise the bar in building standards. With execution knowledge of various construction methodologies such as structural steel buildings, precast buildings, aluminium formwork based buildings, pre-tensioned member buildings, we are able to advise the client on the best methodology to be employed with respect to the project objectives.

World-Class Supervision & Reporting
No project will meet its requisite targets of budget, time and quality standards unless supervised with great attention to detail and monitored with continuous evaluation of processes. Our ‘Triple M’ strategy focusses on the management of Manpower, Material and Money through customised enterprise solutions.

Our reporting system offers logically conclusive results based on the master plan, the 3-week projection schedule and the current plan in effect vis-a-vis the actual progress at site. Our reporting is 100% conclusive and unique in India. We have the means and the know how to monitor a project using Earned Value Management System, and will do so if requested by the client. This  is the most reliable way to factually assess the project progress with the developer gaining true status reports, but will be offered at an additional cost that is pre-agreed with the client.

Technical Expertise For Discerning Clients
STRIDE has the technical expertise and cutting-edge software to plan and track every element of the project for those clients who are keen on accurate monitoring of projects.

We are one of the few civil contracting consultancies in the country capable of using Earned  Value Management System for project tracking and reporting. Our PMI-USA certified project management practices help in the collection and analysis of all project information to facilitate greater efficiency and output. This is a value-added service that we offer, if the client so desires.