What We Do

What We Do

We are civil and steel engineering contractors and we’re in the business of executing buildings that are synonymous with ‘world-class perfection’. It goes against the very core of our being to execute a project that does not meet the strictest international standards in every aspect.

So be rest assured, once you’ve entrusted your project to us, you can count on us to deliver outstanding quality with transparency every step of the way.

And, how different are we from your average contractor?

We re-engineer the usual approach with our skilled and smart practices in project execution, not to mention our unique experience in steel construction that gives us an edge over other contractors.

We  source the best quality materials in relation to budget and ensure that no corners are cut along the way. We guarantee that the scope of the project entrusted to us, is executed and completed in the most professional way possible.

Depending on client requirement, we provide services as a Civil Contractor or Turnkey Project Contractor or Project Management Consultant for large projects. We believe in pre-determined execution plans and devise our standard operation protocol in line with global standards of execution

We work with clients right from the project inception stage so that the project is strategized in a way that meets the overall objectives of the client. Pre-engineering is our motto and we promote sustainable construction as it benefits the maintenance and operation costs in the long run.

Our Capabilities

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects are our specialization. STRIDE undertakes all things necessary for the design and construction of works, from inception to completion..

Project Management Consultancy

As a leader in project management consulting, STRIDE is whom clients look up to when it comes to effective management solutions..